Regenerating Soil Conservation - Change Maker 2

“Regenerative Agriculture is reinvigorating best practices in agriculture and revitalising agricultural sciences”.

Drill Rig R & D

How to turn a drill rig into a geyser!  Research and development is a big part of what we do at EnviroAg Australia.  To break new ground you have to push the boundaries.


Soil Conservation Planning & Gully Erosion Repair Field Day

Last month, 30 landholders, students and professionals braved storms in a blustery change to explore soil conservation on a demonstration site at Mount Forbes.

NSW Natural Resource Access Regulator

The Natural Resources Access Regulator (NRAR) has been established under the NSW Natural Resources Access Regulator Act 2017 to be an independent, transparent and effective water regulator with total responsibility for the compliance and enforcement of water laws in NSW.

What does this mean for NSW water users and water users in other States?


Monitoring of Water Storages in Queensland

Previously, we spoke of The Natural Resources Access Regulator (NRAR) for NSW and wrote how we expected this type of regulation to occur in other states. 

Last month, the Qld Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing & Water wrote to landholders about their intent to measure the volume of overland flow water taken by landowners from the various Water Plans by December 2022.


Soil Conservation Planning & Gully Erosion Repair Field Day | Mt Forbes | 15 June

Landholders interested in learning about soil conservation plans, how to implement soil conservation works as well as cost effective measures to control erosion and improve pasture condition on their properties are invited to attend Healthy Land and Water’s free soil conservation and gully erosion and pasture management field day at Mt Forbes.

Soil Conservation Planning

Soil Conservation Planning is back!

Good soil conservation = long term sustainability = productive land and water

Soil Conservation Plans define what overland flow goes where, how fast and by what means. They define the expected overland flow that your property and your neighbours property should receive.